MEDUSA Body & Beauty

At Medusa body and beauty, we are your biggest supporters. Medusa Body and Beauty helps you make the shift Not just a physical shift, but an emotional one - a shift in the way you feel and look about yourself.

Our team of therapists are not only masters of what they do, but also qualified beauty and skin professionals who are invested in helping each client reach and maintain their body and skin goals. Come experience how we turn beauty with a passion!

Meet our Experts Therapist

Our therapists undertake a thorough consultation to understand your needs to ensure we give you optimum results and comfort during and after your treatment. All our machines are of medical grade standard. All our treatments are performed by a trained practitioner or nurse that can assure a professional standard a care of expertise.

Therapist Zee

Body Specialist & Personal Trainer

Therapist Juliana

Lash & Brow Specialist

Therapist Ashley

Body Contouring & Skin Specialist

Receptionist Zoe

Salon Receptionist

Cosmetic Nurse Charlie

Our Services

We aim to make every visit to our saloon exceptional. We offer a wide range of the latest beauty & cosmetic treatments including body sculpting treatments. We will take the absolute best care of you.


Fibro Blasting Plasma Pen
Mummy Tummy Package 1h $2,500
Plasma Pen Tightening Large Area 3h $1,600
Skin Tag Removal 1h $300
Neck Lift 2h:30min $500
Stomach 4h $100
Smokers Line (Upper Lip) 1h:30min $300
Full Face Lift 4h $850
Stomach Plasma Pen Treatment 3h $1,000
Crows Feet 1h:30min $600
Eye Lift 2h $700



Skin Needling (Mummy Tummy) 1h $400
Skin Needling Neck(Add on to face) 30min $100
Relax & Rejuvenate Facial and Massage 1h:40min $200
Extraction and Peel facial 1h $120
Microdermbrasion with Peel 1h:10min $150
Microdermbrasion Facial with LED Therapy 1h:10min $120
Microdermbrasion Facial with Mask 1h $100
Relaxation Facial 40min $90
Skin Needling Treatment 30min $300
Lash Lift & Tints
Henna Brow Including Shape 40min $90
Brow Tint 15min $20
Lash Tint 20min $30
Lash Lift Including Tint 45min $90
Lash Lift 1h $80




Perfect Peach 1h:30min $210
Europe Package 1h $400
Skin Tightening 30min $100
Goddess Package (Stomach, Love Handles & Booty) 1h:30min $250
Bottoms Up Package (Booty, Thighs, Stomach & Love Handles) 1h:45min $350
Lift Me Up Package (Cellulite Reduction & Booty Treatment) 1h:40min $250
Mummy Tummy 1h $150
Outer Thighs 1h $150
Arms 1h:10min $150
Brazillian Butt Lift Enhancement 50min $120
Back Fat Reduction 40min $120
Stomach Fat Reduction 40min $120
Stretch Mark Reduction 50min $300
Thighs Inner 1h $150
Thighs Inner and Outer 1h:10min $180

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Volume Lashes
Volume Lashes $130
1 Week Refill $100
2 Week Refill $120
3 Week Refill $130
4 Week Refill $150
Hybrid Lashes
Hybrid Lashes $180
1 Week Refill $80
2 Week Refill $115
3 Week Refill $125
4 Week Refill $140
Classic lashes
1 Week Refill $90
2 Week Refill $110
3 Week Refill $120
4 Week Refill $130

Eyelash Extensions



Laser Hair Removal
Full Body (male) $350
Full Body (female) $300
Full Legs, Brazilian, Underarms $170
Full Back, Chest, Stomach $200
Full Legs, Full Arms $180
Full Face $60
Half Face $30
Beard Sculpting $70
Neck $50
Nape $50
Full Arms $90
Half Arms $60
Underarms $40
Half Back $90
Full Leg $120
Half Leg $90
Chest, Stomach $150
Chest $90
Stomach $90
Brazilian $60
Buttocks $60
Areola $30
Snail Trail $30
Mid Brow $20
Upper Lip, Chin $30
Chin $20
Nostrils $20
Hands $30
Body Waxing
Full Arms $50
Half Arms $50
Underarms $20
Full Leg $60
Half Leg $45
Full Face $50
Nostril wax $10
Upper Lip $10
Chin $20
Brazilian (f) $55
Bikini $30
Back $50
Chest $35

Medusa Man

Medusa Man

Medusa Man
Ingrown Removal Facial(Face & Beard) 1h:10min $130
The Tradie Facial 1h:10min $120
Chest Microdermabrasion 1h:15min $150
Back Microdermabrasion 1h:15min $150
Microdermabrasion With Mask 1h:15min $120



Expression of Excellence

Our ultimate mission is to help you achieve Beautiful Skin & Body for Life. Our approach, to demystify anti-ageing skincare, is encapsulated by our simple CSA philosophy. At Medusa Body and Beauty, we believe the secret to looking younger for longer is as easy as vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night. If you look after your skin and follow our simple advice, we believe you can look 35 when you're 50!